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More Than Coffee

I thought I would take a quick minute just to give you a little update on us. You know more than coffee. May was a busy month. Our VIP delivery jumper was MIA almost completely since March. He was traveling the country, running track, making his theatrical debut, and wrapping up a stellar 8th-grade year. As his bosses, we're a little disappointed at the number of work days he missed, but as his parents, we are pretty proud of him. Not for all the things he's done, but the way he has done them.
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Right after school ended Big E headed out with 2 friends on an epic bike trip from Toledo Ohio down to Cincinnati up to Cleveland and back to Toledo. Nearly 700 miles! Those miles were powered by straight-up pickle juice. The weather was fantastic and they had a lovely time. Yours truly completed another solo coffee roast, my most successful one yet! Jonathan and I were able to sneak in a quick trip to visit my aunt and uncle in the Cleveland area.
I spent my time running everyone around, which doesn't sound like a ton of fun, and sometimes it wasn't. But I had a lot of great car conversations with both of my boys. I have been spending a lot of time in our garden. We've been gardening for more than a decade and I would call myself a reluctant gardener but I think we are finally figuring out a system that works for us. I enjoy what I call "backyard shopping" where I walk around in the backyard and decide what we will eat for dinner. That cabbage pictured is gigantic and is straight out of the pages of Peter Rabbit.
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Beat the Heat with Her Royal Highness

Check out Her Royal Highness. She is our darkest roast. She makes a great Espresso and you can keep yourself caffeinated and stay cool with iced coffee. Order some today!

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Not enough Coffee? Nerd out on some more stuff here.

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What is Espresso anyway?

Is it a bean? a roast? a brew method? When people say Espresso what do they really mean? Read all about it here!

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Spice up your Life

This summer encourage yourself to try a different coffee drink. I'm not talking about a different item on the Starbucks menu. I mean drinks you can make at home. Drinks from around the world.

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