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Neighbor to Neighbor...

Father to son,

One for all and all for one.

Anyone a fan of the musical Newsies? No? OK. Well, I will just keep my random movie quotes inside. Anyway, Do you know about our Neighbor to Neighbor program? Basically, you are our best source of advertising. Most of our customers find us by word of mouth. When you tell your friends how delicious our coffee is, they believe you. And because our business model involves home delivery, we really want to deliver to your neighbors.
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We are on the lookout for regular customers in the Lafayette area who are willing to be Big E Ambassadors to your neighbors. What we are offering is a free sample to share with people who live near you. Here's how it works. You let us know you are interested in being a good neighbor and when you place your next order (or your next Autoship process) we will include the bags when we deliver your next order. The free samples cannot be variety specific and you can request up to 5. We ask that you hand them out to people in your neighborhood. Not your family members or your coworkers. Obviously, we are operating on the honor system here, no tracking devices in the bags. It's better for us when we have more deliveries in a concentrated area. This helps you because you look like an awesome and thoughtful neighbor. Maybe you have a new neighbor... this makes a great welcome to the neighborhood gift. Way better than a houseplant.
You can email us at [email protected], contact us through Facebook or Instagram, make a note on your next order, or just click on the button below.

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