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Five O'clock Shadow

Naming things is a lot of pressure. Your name either needs to be informative or catchy. As you might have guessed we aim for catchy around here. So what's the deal behind all these interesting coffee names? Tune in to find out.
Remember our friend Dave? In the early years, Big E bought a lot of different beans to experiment with roasting techniques and flavors. But Her Royal Highness (aka me) likes what she likes and she doesn't like anything else, ok? So we had some extra coffee lying around sometimes. Sometimes we would stick sample bags in for our most-loyalest customers. Dave is definitely one of those. A few times we stuck in this lovely light Guatemalan bean. Dave really liked it. He really really liked it. He said, if we started carrying it, he would buy a bag every week.
dave 2021 casa
Then we told him if he bought it every week he could help us name it. He suggested Five O'Clock Shadow, claiming he could drink "this stuff all day long".
It fit pretty well into the facial hair thing we had going on so it stuck. And Five O'Clock Shadow was born. That was several years ago and Dave has been faithfully auto-shipping his Five O'Clock Shadow every week.
Then Dave moved, to Ohio. But he loved the coffee so much he has us ship it to him. We love Dave. You can be like Dave and drink Five Oclock Shadow too! And if it's already your favorite you can thank Dave!

Autoship: How It Works

Did you know you can set up autoship to order coffee every week, or two weeks or three weeks, or three months? Whatever your coffee needs are we can make sure you receive the freshest tastiest coffee when you need it, and you don't have to remember to order it. You can read more about how it works here.
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Cooking with Coffee

Read about some fun ways to cook with coffee!
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Why we don't sell ground coffee.

We don't sell ground coffee, but it's not because we're mean. Read about why here.
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