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What's in a Name: Middle School Mustache

Middle School Mustache_1
"Uncle E! I love your coffee!"
How does one respond to such a statement shared by your 13-year-old nephew? Obviously, "thank you." But then there are follow-up questions.
"Do you really drink our coffee?!"
"yeah! I love it! It's delicious! I want to buy my own so I don't have to share with my parents."
When your thirteen-year-old nephew suddenly becomes one of your more important customers, you start thinking. Thinking conscientiously. Of course, old tales of coffee stunting one's growth have long been disproven. But how much caffeine should a middle schooler be drinking on a regular basis?
Being responsible role-model types we decided we could look ourselves in the face if we cut the caffeine by fifty percent.
But what to call it? We certainly wanted to honor our nephew who was telling all his friends about our coffee, but we didn't want to name it after him and leave out all of our other nieces and nephews. Or set expectations.
What kind of facial hair did a 13 yr old have? A lot of the choices we came up with didn't sound very appetizing. So we landed on Middle School Mustache, an even split between our beloved Lumberjack and Sue Sue Decaf. Not enough caffeine to give you a chest full of hair, but enough to sprout a few and to make your upper lip a little darker. That was nearly 7 years ago and that guy has graduated to full-strength coffee.

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