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What's in a Name? A Series.

Naming things is a lot of pressure. Your name either needs to be informative or catchy. As you might have guessed we aim for catchy around here. So what's the deal behind all these interesting coffee names? Tune in each month to find out.

Sue-Sue Decaf

As our personal coffee roasting increased we found ourselves on the lookout for a decaf we could drink in the evening. Being well past the age of 30, drinking regular coffee after lunch is a risky proposition. So we ordered some varieties and tried them out. We quickly found one we liked. But then we needed a name. My mom, Susan, or Gramma Sue-Sue as she is more popularly known was a big fan of our decaf from the beginning. So we decided to name it after her. Sue Sue Decaf is a blend of south and central American coffees with just the tiniest hint of Indonesian. She is Swiss Water Processed and is just pretty much delightful, just like the real Sue Sue. You can order a bag of Sue Sue to enjoy or you can find her mixed together with Lumberjack in our Middle School Mustache. But that's another story for another month.
Sue Sue looking older than she really is.
Mills 0132
My momma is gorgeous.
Me and Mom
This is my most favorite picture of me and my mom.
Beautiful Gramma Sue Sue. -photo cred L. Greene

Neighbor to Neighbor

We are looking for Ambassadors! If you are a regular customer, we could use your help! We are looking for Big E Coffee Ambassadors, specifically to YOUR neighborhood. If you have neighbors you think might enjoy our coffee then reach out to us. It's pretty simple, we create a few custom coffee bags (up to 5) and throw them in with your order, then you share them with your neighbors. This is awesome because, you get to be neighborly and when we can make more deliveries to your neighborhood, this helps us keep our costs down as we grow.

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Coffee is Better than Sleep

Ok maybe not exactly, I mean, this baby's face! How precious. There is some recent study that talks about how coffee really can help bridge the gap on days when you are low on sleep.
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Coffee Storage

Just a friendly reminder to keep your coffee out of your freezer.
What is the best way to store your coffee? It's really not that complicated.

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