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Last month we shared with you a special promo, where we would donate $2 from every mug purchase made from July 15- August 8th toward the Subaru CASA challenge for Team Be The Good.
Thanks to all of you who stepped up and purchased a mug. We were able to give a modest donation of $25 (we rounded up).
Not too bad for the time window.
CASA exceeded its $100,000 fundraising goal by over $25,000 which is AMAZING!
Team Be The Good is made up of Big E's cycling buddies and some of their friend's friends. A few of these people are local business owners and you should check them out. Eleven riders committed to being in the top five for fundraising and laps-ridden.
So Saturday morning they gathered around for a team photo and then got to work.
tbtg casa 2021
Riding in 30-minute shifts, ten of them rode round the clock from 10 AM Saturday to 10 AM Sunday. Big E, the night owl, volunteered for the midnight to 5 AM section. Hoping to find some relief from the heat. No such luck.
Working together they powered through 438 miles around the Subaru track, which landed their team in 6th place. Pretty awesome if you ask me, and just enough to make them hungry for next year.
But let's be honest the point of this whole thing is to raise money to help kids in really crappy situations. So as the donations rolled in right up to the last minute, Team Be the Good SHATTERED their $8000 goal and ended up bringing in $9,000 landing them in 2nd place of all team fundraisers. 3rd place was way back with $5800.
casa 2021 plaque
We are pretty proud at Big E Bearded Coffee to be a part of a group of people who want to make our community better. And we are pretty grateful for all of you who support us!

Also thanks to Kurt Watt and Dave Raymer for sharing photos.

Big E's MVP

Meet David Raymer, the eleventh man on Team Be the Good. Dave was part of the joint fundraising effort but he was his own one-man riding team.
Dave is probably our most loyal coffee customer, both in sales and referrals! Dave is a true encourager. From the very beginning of this little coffee project, Dave has been cheering us on. He was our first weekly auto-ship customer, he has been telling his friends and neighbors about us for years. And when he recently moved to Ohio he even started to pay for shipping. I could tell you a lot of other amazing things Dave does for other people, but he might start to get embarrassed. So I'll just say we are big fans of Dave.
For the past three years, Dave has had a goal of riding 200 miles in the CASA challenge. After two failed attempts... this year he made it!!! Dave placed 6th overall in individual laps. And he did it all with this big ole grin on his face. Just like he does everything, really.
dave 2021 casa
We're pretty impressed with Dave, but that's not even why. Because Dave, in addition to meeting his personal goal, finishing 6th overall, Dave placed 5th in individual fundraising.
If there was ever anyone who exemplified everything that Team Be the Good wants to be, it's Dave. He's like the team mascot.
Congratulations Dave! Well done friend. We think you're awesome.
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Auto-Ship is Auto-Magic

We offer freshly roasted coffee delivered right to your door, that's our jam. You can set it up so it does it automatically. The question we often get is, "How do I know how much or how often to order?"
The best plan is to figure out how much coffee you drink in a week and set your order for weekly or biweekly. Then it just shows up at your door. Like Magic.
Find out more about how it works.
It's Sunny!
Guys! It's hot out. Like reeeeeaaaallll hot. And sunny. You need to get a Big E trucker hat. Be proud to wear the beard. I mean, you have to admit that kid looks cool.

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