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Recently Jonathan and I were out making deliveries. We had, in fact, just left our house. We were headed to the west side of town. I happened to glance up in the rearview mirror and watched as a state police car turned around across traffic. My heart dropped. But it was pretty far behind me so I checked my speed and continued on. He came up behind me, but no lights. We continued on to the next intersection, sat at a red light, turned right, and THEN he turned on his dang lights!
I pulled over, annoyed at myself, but also not totally sure if I was even speeding. Here's hoping for a missing tail light.
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No such luck, I was going 55 in a 45, if you knew the road, you wouldn't be surprised. But regardless, I was speeding.
While he checked my license and registration, a myriad of thoughts ran through my head. "Am I gonna get a ticket?" "Can I write this off as a business expense?" "I really hope I don't get a ticket." "Gosh, I feel pretty fortunate to be in what is the least likely to be ticketed category--White lady with kids in the minivan." "Am I gonna have to tell Everette about this?"
That last one wasn't really a question. With Jonathan in the car, I knew there was no way I was getting away with this, ticket or no. He thought it was all hilarious. (Also another reason to feel gratitude, I know not everyone's experience makes them think being pulled over by the cops is funny)
He returned with my warning and also asked me where I was headed. I told him we owned a coffee roasting business and we were out making deliveries. He smiled and said, "don't tell me that!" To which I replied, "Big E Bearded Coffee, you can order online!"
You gotta hustle!

Cool Mug-Good Cause

Can we talk about this mug for a minute? It just feels so lovely in your hand. It is big, but not so big your coffee gets cold before you finish. And you can see the logo on both sides so you don't have to choose between comfort grip and showing off your sweet mug. But you know what is even cooler? For a limited time, when you purchase a mug, we are going to donate $2 toward Team Be the Good in the CASA challenge.
The CASA challenge is a 24-hour marathon bike race, where teams ride on the closed track at Subaru to raise money for CASA. If you want to learn more about CASA, an amazing organization helping kids in a difficult situation you can, right here.

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Auto-Ship is Auto-Magic

We offer freshly roasted coffee delivered right to your door, that's our jam. We also can set it up so it does it automatically. The question we often get is, How do I know how or how often to order. We roast weekly so the best model is to figure out how much coffee you want for the week and order that much. A large bag of coffee has 340 grams. This makes about 5 pots, depending on how strong you like your coffee. So if you are drinking Big E Bearded coffee exclusively and you make a pot a day, it makes sense to order 3 bags every 2 weeks.
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