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Don't Mess Up

There are lots of steps in between receiving orders and getting the coffee out the door every week. And with every step, there is an opportunity for error. Over the weekend we calculate the orders to find the total grams needed for each coffee variety. Then we have to calculate the total weight of the green beans we need to start with so that we end up with the right amount of roasted. This is not a one-to-one formula. This requires math and other numbery things. The Spreadsheet Ninja has all of that automated. But then we have to make sure that we read the spreadsheet correctly and weigh out the correct amount of each type of bean.
roast log ssninja
We have to make sure each roasted bean goes into its properly labeled container-- we don't want to mix beans! (Notice I skipped over the entire roasting process-where there's plenty of room for mistakes, but I've already talked about that.) We have to stamp and prepare the correct number of each bag, then fill the bags, again with the right beans. Then the bags are sealed and sorted and each order is put together.
meg filler
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Big E and I have worked diligently to put processes in place to eliminate errors, but you know what they say... "To err is human..." Every week we get better and better, smoothing out the wrinkles. But I must confess a part of me holds my breath until the last order is filled. When we know all the pieces fell into place. It feels insanely good to put the last bag of coffee with the last delivery note. No extra coffee. No unfilled orders. And we can sit down and relax with a warm cup of... coffee.
This is the most satisfying sight. Empty boxes and sorted coffee ready for delivery.

K-Cups! For when you just.. can't.

Did you know we sell K Cups for your Keurig? We do! In almost all our varieties. You can grab a box for your favorite friend who just can't when it comes to coffee. You know, they love it, but the beans.. the mess... the time.. the thinking. You can still drink great coffee made from great beans.

Not enough Coffee? Nerd out on some more stuff here.

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Dress up your coffee

Check out these fun ways you can spice up your coffee...
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Somebody is turning 40 this month!

She's old and she's set in her ways. She knows what she likes... And here are a few of them. She also looked for a picture where she was wearing makeup, but you have to actually wear makeup to get a photo with it on.
Her favorite Coffee... Her Royal Highness.
Her favorite mug.. Big E Diner Mug
Her favorite hat... Big E Trucker Hat
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