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When We Were Young

Recently we have been looking back at how far we've come in the last five years. How much we've grown and expanded. New bags, new processes, new customers, etc. It has been pretty spectacular. We were looking at the volume of coffee we've roasted since 2017 and in 2021 we doubled our total from 2020 alone. This puts us at almost 20 times the amount we roasted in 2017 (full disclosure that wasn't a complete calendar year-but still).
I am not really a numbers person, but when I see those numbers, "I'm nothing short of thankful "(can anyone name that song?). We are still working to grow into a business that is vibrant and thriving. We've got new ideas and new plans. I personally am learning a ton and growing in all kinds of ways I would have preferred not to. But isn't that good? Stick around for more good coffee, and tell your friends about us.
One final fun number, in the last week of December 2021, as we were roasting, Big E realized that in that one roast session we were roasting more coffee than we did for the entire year of 2017. That's pretty cool. Have you found your favorite coffee yet? Maybe you think you have, but there's another one waiting for you. In 2022, try something new. Great coffee starts with great beans.

New Year: New Goals--Autoship

It's a new year! You've got plans, and you've got goals. Make one of your goals to sign up for Autoship! Autoship lets you sign up for coffee delivery weekly/ever-other-week/monthly, whatever your coffee drinking needs are and fresh coffee is dropped right to your front door. It's auto-MAGIC!
You can sign up for Autoship when you check out. You can read this helpful article for more information!
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Not enough Coffee? Nerd out on some more stuff here.

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How do I know what I like?

Coffee is mysterious. There is good coffee and bad coffee. That's what I used to think. Check out this link to help you find your favorite coffee.

The best coffee for drinking.
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Speaking of coffee... we have Decaf

It's winter. It's chilly. A great way to stay warm is to drink delicious hot beverages, like coffee. But after a couple of pots maybe the caffeine starts to affect you. Try out our delicious Swiss Water Process Decaf.
You can read about it and buy it here.
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