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The Wonder Years

Recently Big E was looking at our roast log and our inventory. He came across our pounds of beans roasted for the last few years and wowsers! Stay tuned for January to hear all about that. Big E is a spreadsheets and data kind of guy, and I am much more of a words and pictures gal. So I started scrolling through our Facebook photos and our website images and it was fun to reminisce. Here are some visual highlights from the past few years.

When we first started this adventure in 2017 we were using air-pop popcorn poppers and packaging in glass jars. While I love the sustainability of refilling glass jars in a throwback to the milkman, it just isn't feasible.
old bag scale
So we moved to fold over bags. Big E used Fiverr to create a logo which we then turned into a stamp. Honestly, I can't tell you exactly when this was, it was in the early stages and we weren't very organized. I'm sure Big E could find the order invoice. At Christmas, we stamped every bag with Merry Christmas in green ink.
old bag photo
Once we decided we were really ready to do this, we contacted a local graphic artist and updated our logo, got ourselves a fancy "style guide" with fonts and colors, etc. We moved to heat-sealed vented bags. I mean, we got real fancy. Speaking of fancy, in those early days we were heat-sealing bags with my old hair straightener. Totally Professional.
big E new
We've come a long way in the last few years, adding new varieties of beans, growing in processes, figuring out the best way to offer great coffee to you, our favorite customers. Stay tuned for more looking back in January. We are grateful for your loyalty. Good coffee is important, and we are honored that you choose Big E Bearded Coffee. Our hope is that you might have a moment to sip and savor your coffee at least once this holiday season. Have a beautiful New Year.

Last minute Holiday Gift ideas: Bearded Gift Bundles

Amazon says your gift won't arrive until after Christmas! Yikes! Give the gift of coffee! You can order by December 18th by 11:59 PM and we will have fresh, quality coffee locally delivered to you on Monday the 20th(or mailed for nonlocal). Order a holiday bundle and we will take care of the gift wrapping for you. We have two Bearded Gift Bundles. The Mini and the Large. The Mini Bearded Gift Bundle comes with 3 mini bags of whole bean coffee you can select and one Big E Bearded Coffee diner mug. Items come gift wrapped for $25.
The Large Bearded Gift Bundle comes with three large bags of whole bean coffee (12 oz) of your choice and two diner mugs. These mugs look and feel delightful, strongly recommend for households with more than one coffee drinker-save on fighting. The large bearded bundle also comes gift-wrapped for $60. We can ship direct or deliver directly to them if they live within our free delivery zone.

Check out some more holiday gift ideas:


Big E Trucker Hat

It's back! Our trucker hat has been out of stock for a while, but it is back! Buy it for that Big E Bearded coffee lover in your life.

Buy it here.
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Big E Diner Style mug

Are you already a Big E Coffee consumer? Treat yourself with a mug, they are heavy, and feel so nice in your hands, plus you can see Big E no matter which side you drink from.
Buy it here.
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