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What's in a Name?...

We interrupt this series for some bad news.

Greetings everyone! Remember a few weeks ago we discussed the worldwide coffee shortage? We have been working diligently to make sure we have enough supply to meet our demand. But demand for coffee, in general, is pretty high, which if you remember from high school economics, scarcity causes prices to increase. And we are at the moment where in order to continue providing you with great quality beans we need to increase our prices. We are committed to buying fair trade and organic* beans, so beginning December 1st you will see our prices increase based on the increased cost. Prices will increase anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars. Eep!

But there is good news! We HIGHLY value our loyal customers. All auto-ship customers will automagically receive a 5% discount on their regular orders. Auto-ship helps us estimate demand and helps us keep our costs lower, so we can pass those savings along to you. We are so grateful for you, our customers. Those of you who buy our coffee, who share it with others, who made it possible to do what we are doing. Thanks for joining us on this journey, being a part of our story. Because we believe great coffee starts with great beans, roasted by great people, shared with great neighbors.

*We are not a certified organic roastery-but the raw beans are and we don't add anything to them.

How to win at Secret Santa: Bearded Gift Bundles

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that your favorite work-proximity-associate, or a host gift for the best holiday party of the year, consider the gift of coffee. We have two Bearded Gift Bundles for you to consider. The Mini and the Large. The Mini Bearded Gift Bundle comes with 3 mini bags of whole bean coffee you can select and one Big E Bearded Coffee diner mug. Items come gift wrapped for $25. Perfect for that coffee lover at work.

The Large Bearded Gift Bundle comes with three large bags of whole bean coffee (12 oz) of your choice and two diner mugs. These mugs look and feel delightful, strongly recommend for households with more than one coffee drinker-save on fighting. The large bearded bundle also comes gift-wrapped for $60. We can even deliver if they live within our free delivery zone.

Check out some more holiday gift ideas:


Big E Tee

The Big E Tee comes in all of Big E's favorite colors, blue and gray. OK, it comes in some other colors too. Also available in a women's fit.
Buy it here.

Big E Sticker

Decorate your water bottle or beer fridge with this awesome Big E Sticker.

Buy it here.
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