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Hello and Welcome to our first-ever Big E Bearded Coffee Newsletter. We are so grateful for your loyal support. Perhaps you didn’t realize that you signed up to receive our newsletter, and you would rather not, that’s totally fine, you can unsubscribe below. But if you’re curious, keep reading.

We are the Millses: Everette, Megan, and our son Jonathan. We started roasting coffee in 2014 just for ourselves. Well, let’s be honest, Everette started roasting coffee, because he struggles with relaxation, and he is always looking for some new thing to take on. And I think it’s good to keep him busy. So when he asked me to start looking for air pop popcorn machines at Goodwill so he could try roasting coffee, I rolled my eyes but I obliged. Turns out it was actually pretty good coffee.

In our joyful discovery, we started sharing it, and people started asking if they could buy it. So Everette, ever the entrepreneur and always up for a challenge, began to figure out a way to build a roasting machine that would increase his capacity without a huge investment.
He seriously nerded out. And with a repurposed kitchen cabinet on wheels, a vintage Pyrex bread baking tube, a vacuum motor, and a couple of heat guns from Harbor Freight, he built a machine. And we started taking orders. And people kept ordering. And we grew so much we needed an actual honest-to-goodness professional roaster. So we took a road trip, but that’s a story for another time.

Everette, he’s the “E” in Big E. He’s big, physically, he’s big in personality, and he dreams big. He also has a pretty big beard. And the idea of bearded coffee seemed like it was just walking the line between funny and gross. I’m a boy mom, I’m pretty comfortable with that line.

So Everette agreed to never shave his beard again and Big E Bearded Coffee was born. We wouldn’t be where we are without you and we want to invite you further in. Our goal is to make this newsletter something you look forward to reading and not something you skim over in your inbox.

Queen of Coffee

Do you know about our mini coffee bundles?

Coffee bundles are a great way to try out different roasts. You can choose three of our roasts for a discount. The mini bundles are a great way to sample some coffee to find what you like. The large bundles make a great gift.

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Do you know about auto-ship?

Take the brain work out of ordering, sign up for auto-ship when you check out. Just decide how often you want coffee delivered, and with auto-ship, it will just magically appear at your door. Even though it has the word "ship" in it, it applies to local deliveries too. :)
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